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Our Team

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Marelique has studied cosmetology and received her SAAHSP National Diploma and her ITEC International Diplomas in various fields. Currently she is embracing her role as a Momtrepreneur and she takes pride in being a wife, mother of 6 (4 are fur-kids), a friend, sister, daughter and welcoming all customers to the Your Trend Boxed family.

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The Supportive Husband

Bago is the loving and supportive husband of Marelique and plays a very important role in keeping the coffee cups coming to make sure there is enough fuel for the drive :) He also lends a helping hand in the background and joins in the celebration for every YTB order, oh and last but not least, he is always on standby to hand over orders to customers when needed.

The Bro Co. (as they call themselves as a duo) picture

The Bro Co. (as they call themselves as a duo)

Quality Check & Critics Team ;)

These two brothers have decided to add themselves to the YTB Team  :) Leardt loves packing orders and makes sure to point out any product that does not meet his expectations. Lianco offers positive critic and wants to contribute by creating video content for YTB in the near future.

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Tiaan Smith

Designs & Social Media Management

Tiaan Smith has a detailed eye for photography. He has completed his 2-Year course in both Film & Digital Photographydesigns (2009-2010) and has received his BTEC International Diploma in Professional Photography. 
He designed all our gorgeous catalogues as well as our Logo and has stepped in to help YTB with Social Media Management. He is the brain behind a large amount of products that we offer to our customers. Without his input YTB will not be able to grow in all aspects. 

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Quintin van Schalkwyk

Technical Solutions

Quintin van Schalkwyk solves everything we can't. He is always willing to help to the best of his ability and when all hope is lost on our side he saves us everytime with finding a solution and helping us with all the technical things we do not understand. Where we take hours to figure something out, with him, the problem is solved within minutes!

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Invoicing & Stock Collection

Charmaine assist with invoicing and is a lifesaver when it comes to all things financial and bookkeeping. She is our walking calculator and plays an important role to make sure all things numerical is taken care of. On many occations she always goes out of her way to make sure that stock from suppliers are collected as soon as possible. She is also the grandmother of the Bro Co. Boys!

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